Blueye Pioneer drone

13.07.2018 nauCAT
Blueye Pioneer drone
Technical details

Blueye Robotics AS 

Born and developed in Norway, famous for its rough coastline and world-leading subsea expertise, Blueye will provide the world’s finest underwater drone for ocean exploration. It provides you with unprecedented access to the hidden world below the surface. 

Blueye Pioneer is developed and tested in rough conditions in Arctic waters. With years of experience from working with the ocean, we know how to make the tools you need to tackle challenging currents and high seas - this underwater drone is not only for still lakes! 


Control the Pioneer easily by using your own smartphone, tablet or goggles and the Blueye App. Share your dive live by either letting friends or crew on site connect to the video stream directly, or via online services and social media. 

The Blueye Pioneer system is designed to ensure a truly enjoyable experience of remote underwater exploration.

Perform inspections more frequently and identify problems before any incidents happen. No need to wait for divers or ROV operators. Simply do the underwater inspection yourself.



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