Campaign for MC2 Quick gyro stabilizers

06.07.2019 nauCAT
Campaign for MC2 Quick gyro stabilizers
Technical details
Producer: Quick (IT)


Quick Spa, international leader in the production of nautical equipment, launches its new communication campaign for its gyro stabilizers series “MC2 Quick Gyro: Let your life be perfect”. 

The campaign consists in five video clips that pleasantly describe how gyro stabilizers have become an essential component of the modern navigation experience. Technology, design, quality and innovation are the core values of the Italian company located in Ravenna, smartly and finely represented through this campaign, introducing the audience to a comfortable and safe experience on board, as never before.

With their fancy scripts that remind of an informal kind of comedy, the videos leads the ship-owner to a chill and carefree dimension, ideal for the perfect life on board. The MC2 Quick Gyro range makes this dimension come true, just pushing a button. 


MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizer, developed by Quick, is equipped with a mass revolving around a horizontal axis. This solution results in lower mechanical stress, less friction and therefore lower heat output. The system is air-cooled; therefore, it does not require water pumps or seawater inlets, like the water-cooled systems do. 

“The gyro stabilizer is becoming a must-have accessory on board, not only for the installation on new boats but also for refit installations - says Michele Marzucco, President & CEO of Quick SpA - “Let your life be perfect” represents the dream of every ship-owner: a perfect navigation experience, all about pure comfort. Our MC2 Quick Gyro is a technologically advanced stabilizer, unique of its kind. The new campaign proposes a new approach to the product, aiming to explain it to the audience in a direct, simply and intuitive way.” 

On the occasion of this new communication campaign, the new Quick anti-roll gyro stabilizers logo will be launched with a totally restyled look for the first time.
After the acquisition of the MC2 brand, the company has fully employed its resources to reach high quality standards that characterize every Quick product.
This experience and its success lead to the need of transferring the Quick DNA also to the logo: the new design represents the Quick anti-roll gyro stabilizers range, regardless of the series identification.

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