Quick MC²X

27.02.2019 nauCAT
Quick MC²X
Technical details
Producer: Quick (IT)

Photo: Quick Spa 

The MC²X ANTI-ROLL GYRO STABILIZER series aims at achieving highly competitive performances. MC²X gyro stabilizers are quick to reach stabilization and are effective on all kind of powerboats. They can provide a roll reduction up to 95% and guarantee high performances both during navigation and at anchor. 

The MC²X series of gyro stabilizer range includes 9 models and it overturns the common idea of this anti-roll device, creating a solid, silent and safe product.

The first big revolution is the mass of MC²X, which turns vertically rather than horizontally. As you can tell, this is a huge difference.
As the mass turns vertically, its weight is supported by two bearings instead of one, as in the case of horizontal models.
This provides two great benefits, which lie at the very heart of innovation:
A. The efforts are reduced by half, so that the mass can be enhanced and the number of turns can be reduced, in favour of en- gine timing.
B. Heat generation is drastically reduced, so that water cooling and vacuum processing are not required for the system anymore.

All these benefits result in an efficient and easy product, since it’s not water cooled and it doesn’t need vacuum process.
It just needs to be anchored and powered to be ready to use: this is why the product is perfect also for refitting process.

Quick MC²X stabilizer is provided with:
- REMOTE TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL PANEL: MC²X stabilizer can be managed by the use of a new LCD control panel (even in multi position) available in 4” and 5”.

- DRIVER AC CONTROL: Gyro managing and control unit. The driver contains stabilizer’s features. It has a software that manages the specific settings for each model: speed, power and precession control. 

Quick Spa, international leader in the production of nautical equipment, designs, produces and engineeres all the products in its Italian headquarter in Ravenna. Quick Spa has a wide portfolio of products: the well-known range of gyroscopic stabilizers, technical and decorative marine lighting range, windlasses range and anchoring systems, chargers, thrusters range and docking system, water heaters.

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