21.12.2009 nauCAT
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Advertising on the online boating magazine nauCAT

All banners are also links on the e-mail or web of the customer.

We send the price list only for asking.

For every advertizing is possible special agreement.

Rotating large banner 500x1865

Rotating large banner

Rotating horizontal banner on top of the page 882x126

Rotating horizontal banner on top of the page

Rotating large horizontal banner 1295x185

Rotating large horizontal banner

Rotating middle horizontal banner 900x550

Rotating middle horizontal banner

Rotating large vertical banner 500x1000

Rotating large vertical banner

Rotating small banner 500x500

Rotating small banner

Banner specification

Name Position Dimensions & File size
Rotating large banner On all pages in the background (on left and right side) 500x1865 px
Rotating horizontal banner on top of the page On all pages on top next to nauCAT logo and menu 882x126 px
Rotating large horizontal banner On all pages in the right vertical sidebar next to the content 1295x185 px
Rotating middle horizontal banner Na naslovnici listingu bilo koje kategorije ispod prvih 5 članaka 900x550 px
Rotating large vertical banner On all pages in 2 possible places (1. after the top menu, 2. below the main content 500x1000 px
Rotating small banner On all pages in the right vertical sidebar next to the content 500x500 px

Banner is provided by the customer in GIF or JPG format.

Design of the banner is available at extra cost (100 € + VAT for standard banner). Banners should be sent by an e-mail to address and accompanied by following information: link to URL, start of display date, duration of display and desired position to which the banner should be placed. Agency fee to all prices is 30%.

Banner is activated upon receiving payment and should be provided by the customer. Prices are expressed in Euros. Plaćanje za Hrvatsku vrši se u kunama prema srednjem tečaju Zagrebačke banke. PDV nije uračunat u cijenu. Uplatu izvršiti u korist: Žiro računa 2360000-1101304379 ERA-1938 d.o.o Zagreb.

Foreign advertisers are V.A.T. free, but are obliged to pay 1% of banking costs. Payments from abroad are to be made to:

ERA-1938 d.o.o.
Company address:
10000 Zagreb
Zagorska 23
Zagrebacka banka
IBAN: HR4023600001101304379
Account: 7001-978-2100179121-070 

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