LINAK actuators

05.08.2019 nauCAT
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LINAK actuators
Technical details
Producer: LINAK US (USA)


Using LINAK actuators has helped a French boat manufacturer improve comfort on board its vessels.

 Prestige – a branch under the world-renowned yacht manufacturer Beneteau Group – has successfully introduced electric adjustment of hatches, skylights, tables and sofas on board their boats.

The boat builder Prestige uses LINAK® actuators for numerous applications in its motor yachts. For example, the engine flap is opened using an actuator. Another example is the garage for the tender boat. The owner of the boat opens and closes this at the push of a button. The size of the flap is dependent on the size of the yacht. Two actuators LA36 are used for this and they offer the right amount of thrust to open even heavy garage doors without problems.

Actuators with IC enable several valuable features
Prestige uses actuators with an Integrated Controller (IC). Thanks to the IC option, parallel movement is simple to achieve. Actuators with IC also permit even more precise control and positioning. The actuators can simply be configured and adjusted. The integrated controller, however, is just one feature. Another is at least as important.

Thanks to the IC options, with the possibility of connecting to a BUS system, there are many more feasible options. For example, the control of numerous functions via an app on a smartphone. According to Cathelot, digitization will also progress further in boat building. The integrated controller options make LINAK ideally suited for this task.



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