Ship in Heavy Seas

20.01.2017 nauCAT
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Ship in Heavy Seas

Photo: YouTube screenshot 

Bigwavemaster1: Ship In Bad Weather Film & Sound- No Music-Blizzard-Rough Ocean Waves And Thunderstorm Sounds 

A couple of people have asked me to make a long video of storm footage. Apparently it's relaxing??? It helps them sleep??????
Not quite sure how that works since it's the last thing that we can do!!!
However, a little bit of research into very long videos showing the same sort of thing over a few hours has shown me that they can be quite popular?????????
With this in mind I have cobbled together 2 1/2 hours of storm footage. It will take me a couple of days to upload but, if it's your cup of tea, then you're in for a treat 😀 



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