Quick Inverters

05.09.2018 nauCAT
Quick Inverters
Technical details
Producer: Quick (IT)


Quick offers the latest generation inverters to operate PCS and AJ1 proportional controls of windlasses and manoeuvre propellers equipped with AC motors. 

With a power range from 11 kW to 90 kW the inverters cover the whole range of Quick products with AC motors. The Quick inverter is a variator designed to ensure continuity in your processes, designed for movement applications. Thanks to the innovative technology used and new communication features, the variator controls and monitors energy consumption. It has been designed to be used in extreme environments; it is compact, modular and adjustable, suitable for new installations, retrofits and upgrades of existing plants.

De­signed according to sustainable development logics, it complies with international standards such as the RoHS-2 Directive and REACH regulation.



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