A new indestructible, innovative, and affordable small boat was launched at the London Boat Show. All it needs to provide endless fun and enjoyment is an outboard up to 10hp! The new Zegul is not a dory, a dinghy, or even a RIB but a combination of all the

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Linder 410 Fishing


Linder 410 Fishing is a rowing boat with room for a small outboard motor. Made of high quality, corrosion-resistant aluminium of the type used for aircraft construction, 410 Fishing is approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Unsinkable, it floats even when w

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Leidi 490 Open & Cabin


Solid hull and functional organised cockpit space are the main characteristics of the Leidi 490 model. Customer may choose between two boat concepts – Open and Cabin. The bow is closed by both models (which is also airlock for unsinkability), and two perso

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Zodiac FC 470 Evo 7


The FC 470 is used by more elite soldiers and sailors than any other craft worldwide. Its unique patented hull shape and various floor systems allow it to carry combatants in a variety of missions, to plane heavily loaded and to have unsurpassed manoeuvrab

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Marine 10M Fishing dinghy


Marine Standard boats offered in this range enjoy the V hull construction for easy planing on the water. The 10M, 12M and 14M boats can be easily carried on the roof of your car. Marine 10M is the lightest aluminium boat on the market. Its low weight and V

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Linder 440 Fishing


New version of 440 Fishing from Linder Aluminium boats Sweden Linder 440 Fishing rowing boat, is to version 2007 equiped with stowage in the stern and middle seat. Made of high quality, corrosion-resistant aluminium of the type used for aircraft constructi

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