Whaly 500 / 500R

15.02.2017 nauCAT
Whaly 500 / 500R

Foto: Whaly 

The Whaly 500 / 500R is an incredibly robust, double-walled boat manufactured from high-grade plastic (Material Rotomoulded Polyethylene 100% recyclable, UV-stabilised, double-walled construction, manufactured in one piece). This version is even stronger and has a foam layer on the interior, making it the preferred choice for professional use as a work boat, though it is very suitable for rescue operations too. Furthermore, the Whaly 500 / 500R Professional has an additional option: an engine with 50/60hp – very handy when speed is of the essence. This boat is low-maintenance and is produced in 100% colour-fast plastic. 

The model is unique by its big inner space and multi-use; for recreational use, but also very suitable for professional purposes. Whether you are looking for a stable Work boat, escort craft for a sailing school, a Whaly boat for rescue operations or a rugged Whaly for your boat rental business, Whaly’s, well thought-out design, which emphasises strength and stability, offers many options.

A large of inner space for a 5 meter boat!

Suitable for:
Work boats
Recreational boating
Escorts boats
Rescue operations
Sport fishing
Electric sailing 

Technical details
Producer: WHALY BOATS (NL)
LOA: 11'88 ft
LOA: 4,99 m
Beam: 2,10 m
Weight: 350-365 kg
Height above waterline: 0,52 m
Max. passengers: 10/12
Engine: 50/60 HP

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