Greenline 48 Hybrid

25.04.2013 nauCAT
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Greenline 48 Hybrid

Greenline 48 Hybrid is the next green innovation that will compliment the current Greenline range. With all the novelties she will present a sophisticated bridge between the Greenline’s SeaClass (range up to 50 feet) and OceanClass (range beyond 50 feet). With three magnificient double cabins, a bright and spacious salon and all the advantages of the Greenline Hybrid range, she\'s available with four different types of diesel engines. 

Greenline 48 Hybrid is built on protected Superdisplacement hull, which shape generates less drag and less wake. This creates the ability to use less fuel, generates lower CO2 emissions, and enables the use of (limited) electric power. This hull geometry produces less wake, offers better seaworthiness and easier handling than any comparable hull.

The reduced energy requirement means less running cost, less refueling stops and more time in your favorite anchorage or cruising archipelago.

The hulls are outstandingly efficient throughout their speed range, bringing unbeatable mileage and range of over 1000 nautical miles at a speed of 7 knots. This, combined with a top speed up to 23 knots, makes long day trips a breeze. The electric drive mode will not only allow for cruising in complete silence at speeds of up to 5 knots, but also offer a range of up to 20 nautical miles, before the diesel motor is required.

Besides being efficient, the Superdisplacement hull shows optimum performance in all sea conditions - an important factor in comfort and safety when underway. The Greenline manages any kind of sea situation with ease, needing only minute corrections at the wheel.

The twin sacrificial stabilisers are a further advantage of this hull, and have three functions: they deliver roll stability, tracking stability, and protect the drive and rudder. If the stabilisers get damaged, the structure of the boat will not be affected. The fins can be quickly and inexpensively replaced.

Greenline\'s Hybrid drive system can collect, store and use electrical energy from the sun, from the shore pick-up or from the main engine driven generator. With a solar array and a Hybrid drive electric unit the yacht is a mobile power station providing a constant supply of AC power (230 or 120 VAC) on board.

Photo: Greenline
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Technical details
Producer: GREENLINE (SI)
LOA: 49'00 ft
LOA: 15,00 m
Hull lenght: 13,30 m
Beam: 4,80 m
Draught: 1,10 m
Displacement: 13.200-13.800 kg
Fuel tank: 1.500 l
Water tank: 600 l
Septic water tank: 160 l
Berths: 6+2
Cabins: 3
Engine: 2x220 HP
Top speed: 17 kn
Cruising speed: 7 kn
Range: 1.000 nm
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