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08.02.2019. 12:45:30 »
The new T25 in response to requests for lightweight, electronic fuel injected performance in a small, high-thrust configuration
03.09.2019. 13:12:49 »
Suzuki Motor Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the all–new DF300B, which is the latest outboard model to join Suzuki’s existing ‘GEKI’ series of dual-propeller outboards
25.06.2019. 01:03:00 »
New Mercury Racing 450R delivers unrelenting outboard performance
31.05.2019. 11:46:55 »
The top-of-the-line Travel 1103 C delivers equivalent propulsive power to a 3hp combustion outboard and is suitable for boats up to 1.5 tons
04.04.2019. 23:55:28 »
Ovaj brodski motor osigurava snagu od 42 KS pri 3000 o/min s mehaničkim ubrizgavanjem i prirodnom aspiracijom
01.04.2019. 22:40:42 »
The OXE Diesel 150 is the ultimate work tool for commercial heavy-duty vessels with single or multiple installations
07.12.2018. 00:38:21 »
The perfect engine for fishing boats or sail yachts
28.09.2018. 01:17:53 »
This new product launch will undoubtedly strengthen Suzuki’s position within this key horsepower sector of the market
02.08.2018. 00:07:55 »
Developed out of the original automotive blocks of TOYOTA, these engines from 200 to 320 hp are designed for powerboats, sport boats, rigid-bottom inflatable boats, sport fishing, fast cruisers etc
09.03.2018. 01:40:58 »
Suzuki launches new DF325A Outboard - Another revolution in innovation
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