Gull 715 /Novi Galeb 6,75


A very popular since her introduction, the Gull 715 (known as the Gull 6.75 until 2007) is a traditional boat with the pure classical lines. To support her multi-use concept (for fishing, cruising, sport, recreation, or as a working boat...), the Gull 715

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Grašo 19


The latest model in the Grašo line of small fishing boats from Croatia, the 5.70-metre long 19 Open has been designed in the modern variant od traditional style. Constructed on a solid fiberglass semi-displacement hull with moderate beam, optimal centre of

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Luhrs 37 Open Canyon


The 37 Open IPS Canyon is the first boat to be built by Luhrs Corporation as part of its new Canyon Series. With aggressive profile, she combines good open-water performance with open bi-level cockpit and modern roomy interior layout. Built on a beamy deep

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Seaswirl Striper 2901 WA


Striper’s main assets are two 9-metre boats that noticeably differ from each other regarding inboard and outboard engines outfit. Both built on the same hull, they complete the offer of practical vessels that, in various versions, meet standards for smalle

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Kvarner 22


Kvarner 22 was launching last week with all their 6.70m in length (7,10m over all) and 2.50m widths. The boat is powered with the 55hp engine, while the maximum power of inboard engine is 125hp. It´s possible to get the version with one or two outboards wi

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SanRemo 930 Fisher


By exhibiting its largest vessel until now, Sanremo presented fisherman for a season of 2008, that will be, due to many details, interesting to buyers who during cruisihg want be active in different sports related to the water. With her contemporary design

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Arvor 215 AS & 215


By presenting the model 215, Arvor´s designers did not give up their peculiar style and purposeful practicality, based upon European tradition of modern vessels. On this functionally and casually devised cruiser, one can find everything contemporary boater

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