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Turbocraft Silverfin
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Buehler Turbocraft 

Silverfin is an innovative 39-foot boat expected to be the world’s most fuel-efficient boats of its class.
Silverfin is indeed a new breed of craft never seen before in the market, halfway between a traditional lobster boat and an innovative explorer boat. Her seaworthy characteristics and low consumption make it a unique craft for those who want to sail in comfort and security and go further in style. 

The hull, with her semi-planning lines, has outstanding fuel-efficiency, stability and comfort in navigation. Weighting about 6 tons fully loaded (quite light compared to other boats of this length) and powered by a single engine, Silverfin is expected to be the world’s most fuel-efficient boats of its class with a consumption many times lower than a conventional boat with planning hull.

Designed by a team of talented architects and designers with an extensive experience designing superyacht, Silverfin has the distinctive look of a custom-built modern yacht thanks to its modern and minimalist superstructure. The equal balance between indoor and outdoor areas makes it the best craft to navigate through most areas around the globe, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Scandinavian countries, USA or Australia.

Key features include the iconic Turbocraft “fashion plate” that can have custom metal finishes for a unique look, large glass panels allowing for a maximum natural light in the cabin and a central pilot station with a 360° unobstructed view to manoeuvre in maximum comfort and security.

Buehler Turbocraft is a piece of American boating history. Born in 1959 as the first-ever brand to use water jet propulsion system, Turbocraft is the perfect mix of innovation , design and quality. Turbocraft is also your safest step to fun.


LOA:39'03 ft
LOA:11,90 m
Beam:3,30 m
Draught:0,90 m
Weight:6,3 kg
Height above waterline:2,40 m
Fuel tank:500 ltr
Water tank:300 ltr
Septic water tank:50 ltr
Max. passengers:10
Engine:200-220 HP
Top speed:21 kn
Cruising speed:14-18 kn
Range:400 nm

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