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Adjustable Bowsprit
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30.10.2018. 11:11:13

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Trogear Marine Products are the freshest addition to the Upffront portfolio. 

Formed in 2014 by development engineer Henry Dokonal, Trogear are creating a buzz around their Trogear Adjustable Bowsprits. Tried and test for many years by Henry himself – and patented in 2012 – the bowsprit is popular with racers, cruisers and single-handed sailors.

But first, what is a bowsprit?

Sailmakers continue to endorse the use of asymmetric sails and code zeros; faster and more manageable, there is a growing trend towards these popular sails. These sails sit forward of the forestay and require an attachment point, for the furling drum, on the bow.

Trogear Bowsprit
Most modern performance cruising sailboats will have a permanent bowsprit, but a lot of older boats are without. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of sailing with a code zero or asymmetric spinnaker, you will need to retrofit a bowsprit to your boat.

To facilitate this, Trogear Marine Products have created an aftermarket bowsprit product with a unique design. Differing from the Facnor bowsprit range – also available on the Upffront website – the adjustable Trogear bowsprit is based on a robust A-frame construction.

Like most aftermarket bowsprits, the Trogear bowsprit is removable and does not always have to be in use; on hinges, the bowsprit remains upright when it is not needed. This is advantageous as it means the boat will require less space when mooring in a marina, unlike boats with permanent bowsprits. The Trogear bowsprit is mounted forward of the pulpit and therefore the foredeck is kept completely clear.

The 100% carbon fibre Trogear bowsprit – which is lightweight, strong and easy to use – also utilises an adjustable bobstay, employing the use of a control line to adjust the luff tension of the sail from the cockpit. 


Trogear Bowsprit for use with Code Zero 

The Trogear range consists of 4 bowsprits: AS30, AS30R, AS40 and AS50. Suitable for monohull and multihull boats, a bowsprit is selected based on the boat length, with Trogear options available for boats 20 – 70 feet long.

As drilling is required to attach the bowsprit to your boat, there are detailed manuals for each product, on the Upffront website, to aid installation. Alternative mountings options are also available, with opportunities to mount the bowsprit on the deck or on the bow roller.

Thinking of purchasing a bowsprit? Check out this practical sizing guide from Trogear first.

Interested in a bowsprit, but concerned your anchor assembly is in the way? Custom bowsprits are common and can be created.

Get in touch with your custom enquiry now: rigging supplies


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