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UV-reflective, water-repellent DuckSkinz jacket
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Sun Protection Company (CY)

Just because we don’t want to risk skin cancer from harmful UV rays, does not mean that we need to give up some of our favorite outdoor pastimes; just because the water is cold, or the rain is coming down, does not mean we can’t enjoy the outdoors. For the sailor to the kayaker, the windsurfer to the rower, Sun Protection Zone has come out with adult full zip jackets that will repel moisture and UV rays, as the company slogan says, “like water off a ducks’ back.”
DuckSkinz creator, Chip Carter, has been a lifelong outdoor enthusiast and brainchild behind the development of the innovative apparel brand. He developed the DuckSkinz products after a struggle to find the type of gear he truly needed for his favorite outdoor water activities. “There just was not anything out there that could protect you from all of the elements: from the hot sun to the cold water, our jackets keep people comfortable, safe, and dry.”
These jackets are being introduced at a time when doctors are writing about the absolute necessity of sun protective clothing and climate change is making people wonder if they should just stay indoors. The alarming fact is that one in five Americans develops some form of skin cancer during their lifetime; 90% of all skin cancers are caused by unprotected exposure to sunlight. Not only are sunburns painful, they are also quite dangerous. However, they are also entirely avoidable when proper protective gear is available.
In order to avoid sun damage, physicians call for a sun protection program that includes high SPF sunscreen, protective hats, quality sunglasses, and UPF 50+ tightly woven clothing. DuckSkinz fits into this regimen, and will protect anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors from the harmful effects of the sun. DuckSkinz longsleeved zip-ups are woven with the textile equivalent of 100 SPF sunscreen, and block out 98% of UV rays. They are also water repellent due to their tight weave and moisture-guard treatment. Water therefore beads, rather than penetrates, the fabric, keeping users dry, warm, and comfortable.
DuckSkinz jackets are available exclusively from Sun Protection Zone. Sun Protection Zone is committed to developing “innovative products for sun safety”. (

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